Dragon Ball Z Movies That Are Popular Worldwide

Dragon Ball Z has always been popular from the start until today, the collection of movies and TV series are no doubt action packed, the power of Son Goku in all films is amazing. A Super Saiyan with a good heart, that is Goku, ready to defend the earth from all evil enemies. Ig you have not yet seen the dragon ball z movies, it’s about time to see how the fight scenes erupt with super powers.

There are 15 Dragon Ball Z movies and the latest one was released in August of 2015 which is Resurrection F. “F” is an enemy that used the 7 dragon balls and make Shenron, the magical dragon appear to make a wish to resurrect himself. Dragon Ball Z movies is really addictive to watch because of the battles and action which was created by Akira Toriyama. Japanese manga is so popular in Japan that virtually every kid watches them. Today, manga has been translated to many different languages to the extent that it reached worldwide. Dragon Ball Z is just one of the great anime series that is watched in every television at home by kids and adults alike.

All the Dragon Ball Z movies were first released only in theaters in Japan and after that, the movies were released in the United States which made it big with young fans. There is no doubt that Dragon Ball Z is number 1 with anime movies. Nowadays, merchandise from Dragon Ball Z is a collector’s item, toys, posters, movies and many others. Watch all Dragon Ball Z movies and be amazed on how action-packed the movies are.

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